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A Bookshop for Artists

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We know there's a lot out there. That's why we've searched locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to curate a lively collection of books centering on art history, poetry and literature, and contemporary art.

Made in Baltimore


Bookish was born in the spring of 2015, not as an actual shop, but as an idea:

A nomadic, artist-run bookshop in Baltimore City.

Over the next year, we began taking the necessary steps in order to bring that idea to life. We acquired a beautiful space inside of an up-and-coming produce truck, begged our friends to help us with little tasks like installing a new roof and cutting a 3 foot window in the side of a vehicle, and spent countless hours researching artists, publishers, and distributors to work with.


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In April 2016 we debuted our little shop at the Prints & Multiples Fair in Baltimore. Since then, we've had the opportunity to take our collection on the road for pop-ups in New York City, the District of Colombia, Charlottesville, VA, and soon Los Angeles, CA.


Want to be a part of our journey?